Thursday, October 26, 2006

Emery Prayers....Dickey Mouse...Watch Football

First and foremost for today's blog if you are reading this you know my niece Emery is a month old now. However, she's still a preemie. Gestationally she's only 33 wks. She's been doing great so far and continues to grow, already gaining one lb. since birth. She's 2 lbs. 9 oz. now (big girl). The Dr's. continuously test for infections, etc. Yest. they swabbed her nose and the results came back as staph. Not sure if that means staph infection is present. We do know it is NOT in her blood. If you could please pray that the Lord would heal her from all infection if it is present. They will be re-swabbing tomorrow I believe Brooke said. I'm standing in faith that the Lord is going to heal sweet Emery. Thank you for praying with me.

In other news....Luke awoke me this morning by standing on the side of my bed staring at me in silence until I said, "Morning Winky". His response: "Wanna watch Dickey Mouse". I said, "I don't know if Mickey Mouse is on THIS EARLY". It was and he was happy, mommy invited him up in bed and we watched it together (from the bed mind you). You people that get up at 7am (and earlier)--I gotta hand it to ya. Too early! I've gotten spoiled into Luke sleeping until 9am. Ok, I'll shut up.

Another cute thing Luke-ism today...Let me set the stage. Jason had to work late so Luke was overly ready to see him when he got home at 7:30pm, as was mommy. Jason sat down on the couch and was watching Dancing with the Stars with me. Luke crawled up in Jason's lap and said, "Dei, wanna watch football". As plain as day. It was so funny. Jason said, "Lukey football isn't on t.v. on Wed. nights". Luke's reply "football". So, I fear we've created a football watching maniac. Thanks Uncle Jeff (wink)

Today Luke also had a couple friends visit. Jonah came over while mommy ran an errand. They ate grilled cheese's together, and then in the afternoon Matthew came by while mommy went to a Dr's. appt. Luke had fun playing with them both. It's rainy so it was nice to have the boys get together and play, they were all getting cabin fever.

Then last night Luke had a little archaeological rock expedition in my bathtub at bath time. It was cute.

Also, congrats are in order to my dear friend Tammy who has been offered a new job and has gladly accepted. I know you'll do great at your new job and will be an asset to this company. Having a few more bucks won't be too bad either!

That's about it. Hopefuly Thurs. we'll get to see our buddies Hud and Shep. We sure miss playing with them.


Brooke said...

Love that boy!
Thanks so much for all the prayers! We are so grateful!

Blueeyes said...

Thanks so much for the comment about me! I am very excited! I am grateful to have a great friend like you to help me along with way!
My Prayers, thoughts, and heart are with Emery! She is simply adorable. Brooke I am praying for you and Micheal too! All my Love goes out to you three!