Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pray for Emery....Bathtime fun

Hello praying friends. If you could please lift up my niece Emery (and Brooke and Michael) in your prayers. Evidently, Em had a pretty hard day. She's been having several sleep apnea episodes over the last couple days. Which means she stops breathing while she sleeps. The nurses have to pat her back awake and back to breathing. Well, evidently today she had more of these epidsodes and they ran some tests to determine if there is any infection in her body. Test came back negative for any infection, Praise God. They also did a spinal tap--no results back yet on this one. They've also put her oxygen back on to help her out and have an iv. running into her head. I'm sure it's heart breaking for Brooke and Michael to see their little girl that way. Please pray that God will heal Emery's sleep apnea and that she'll have no more episodes where she stops breathing. Brooke has been at the hospital at Em's side all day today. I'm sure she's scared. I haven't been able to talk to her but Mom did. If you would just pray that the Dr's can figure out what is causing the apnea (it could just be her prematurity). Pray that the nurses can comfort Brooke and Mike and that Emery is resting comfortably. Thank you so much for all your prayers. Special thanks to Sharon, Mark Rawley,Tammy, Cami, Janna & Heather all who I talked to or left messages for tonight to start praying. I know that God has little Em in HIS hands and he is going to heal her. Standing in faith for healing.

In other I promised I would update you on how the Wiggly Play Center visit went. Great! He loved it and no meltdowns on the way out. I think he was so tuckered out that he didn't have any energy left to meltdown. Here is a picture that I thought was cute from Luke's bath tonight. I know their a bit blurry but my freaking frackin camera needs to be chunked in the trash and a new one bought. Luke's been loving looking at himself in the little bath tub stopper/cover thingy. You'll understand when you see the pic's. He makes all kinds of faces at it as he see's his reflection. It's pretty funny.

That's it...later taters.


Anonymous said...

I will definatley say multiple prayers for Emery, Michael and Brooke tonight, tomorrow and until I hear otherwise! XOXO, H1

Blueeyes said...

I am praying for Emery, Brooke, and Michael! Thanks so much for calling me!

Trina said...

Hi sweet friend! Great to read the blog. I will keep praying for Emery, Brooke and Micheal. Take care. Now you can check my blog.I updated it today, still can't post more than 1 picture. Bummer. Will keep trying. Love you!