Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Greetings from KY

Well we made it....Yes, our 14 hour trip ONLY TOOK 16.5 hours. We made great time as you can see (sarcasm in voice).

There are MANY factors that contributed to our 2.5 hr. "detour" mainly the darn Mapquest map was wrong and sent us on many wrong routes.

Either way we're here and I got to see my sweet niece for the first time. I started bawling because she's so cute. She winked at me. She's so animated it's adorable. She's so tiny. Like a little baby doll.

In other news, a light bulb has switched to on with Luke. By that I mean he's talking in full sentences that you can actually understand. He told Uncle Mike yest. "Bye Uncle Mike". It's so cute to hear him. He pronounces names and words you say and sentences. The other night I was changing his diaper and he wanted to touch his man parts. I said, "We don't to touch our penis". He said, "Penis". It was hilarious. Brooke and I looked at each other and we were like Oh, no it's on. He's now officially a parrot, repeating EVERYTHING you say. Now we really have to spell things out if we don't want him to figure out the words.

We're having a good time here, the trees are all changing to their fall colors. It's absolutely gorgeous. I don't have any pic's yet because it's been raining since we got here. We need the sunshine fairy to pay us a visit soon.

We were able to visit the Amish stores yest. and got a few little treats there. Luke and Robert got a pumpkin, compliments of Aunt Brooke. Luke has also discovered the joy of stickers. So many stickers, so little time to stick them all over everything. I even caught him trying to stick one on his peanut butter sandwich yest. Thanks Aunt Brooke for the Wiggles stickers. I hope you don't mind finding them on your furniture, etc....

Well...that's all for now. We miss daddy so much. We love you daddy and can't wait to see you soon.



Blueeyes said...

I am glad you guys made it to KY in only 16.5 hours! At times mapquest will send you to Alaska just to get to the next city in your own area.
When are you guys coming back home?
Be safe!

Trina said...

Hi! So great to hear you made it! Have such a blessed time!!!

Jason Rice said...

I miss you too baby. Come home soon. Can't wait to see my boy!

Anonymous said...

Lukes buddies and mommy miss their friends....come home soon. Give Brooke and Emery a hug from all of us. H1