Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day...Rock-n-roll...Kitchen Duty

As you can see we had quite a fun Memorial Day weekend. What I loved about this weekend is that we had no "official plans". I like flying by the seat of my pants. Spontaneity is the key. So at the last minute we called people and said hey can you come over and hang out. Sat. night we had our neighbors Karl, Cami, John & Matthew over for pizza. Uncle Jeff and Auntie dropped by too. Dylan and Staci didn't make it. Sun. we went to church then had lunch at home. Daddy helped uncle Jeff with some landscaping projects. Monday we hung out at home with Granna and had lunch. She wanted to see mom too so we invited her along. We wish we could have seen Poppa and Nana. They took a mini road trip to stake their wages at the horse races in Louisiana. I haven't talk to them yet to see if they won the big buckola's. I'm glad they got away for a weekend. They never really get to get away together. It's nice to spend some alone time with your spouse. I'm needing a vacation soon. It seems like we haven't taken one in a few years.

Anywho...can you tell that we have quite the aspiring rock stars from the pic's? With Luke on the guitar and Beau on the drums we might have to start our own little Rice band and take the show on the road. Be on the lookout, we could be coming to a living room near you. Yes, you can have their autographs.....

All in all, we had a nice little weekend not running ourselves ragged or taking ourselves too seriously.
It's back to work for most people tomorrow so hello traffic again.

I hope you have enjoyed todays picture montage. The boys loved playing in the kitchen. I have to say they're quite good chefs.

Luke has learned some new words this weekend. One of them is bi-kick-cul. (BICYCLE--it's so cute how he says it.) He loves Elmo more than any kid I've ever seen. Have you ever seen a kid in such a trance on his couch watching Elmo videos. I couldn't even get him to bat an eye at me to take these pic's. I guess I need to wear a furry red costume to get his attn. Next to saying the word Poppa every 2 seconds Elmo is running a close second in his vocabulary. At least he has a passion for people. I definitely believe he'll be a "people person". Hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend.

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The pics are great!