Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Imagine this....

Imagine this.....3 days ago you have a "normal" well-behaved 21 mo. old about to enter the operating room for ear tubes and surgery on his little "man part". After mild sedation you and your husband hand him over to the nurses and they roll him off. He's in good spirits--so are you.

Fast-forward 3 days and you have a toddler who chunks food from his highchair at random, answers "No" to everything you ask him, buries himself in the couch to read his books, run's full speed to your master bedroom closet and hides behind the long bathrobe in the farthest corner of the closet because you've just said, "come--let's change your diaper", tries to shove his sippy cup in your mouth, eats jello and yogurt with his hands even though he knows how to use a spoon, who covers his eyes after finishing his meals because he knows you're coming with a wet washcloth to clean his face, who insists on going outside and when not given his way stomps his feet and screams, throws his play dishes all over the dining room because he can't seem to fit the pot into the play kitchen's microwave, who runs around like a banshee with no goal in sight other than to climb up and down on the couches. After 2 1/2 days of this non-Luke-like behavior I decided to read the "Possible Side Effects" from the myriads of medicines he's taking post-op. When I run across these words...may cause mental/mood changes on 3 out of 6 of his meds. THEY AIN'T LYIN', LET ME TELL YA!

I don't know if I should be giving HIM the valium that they prescribed for him IF he became squirrely. OR.... if I should be the one taking it. Needless to say, our little man is not himself at all. He's burning off LOTS of calories; as am I chasing him around trying to keep him from climbing so he doesn't pull his stent/catheter out. So, Stacey and LaNae if you're reading this. That's why I haven't been able to return your calls.

Luckily, he is feeling great. Healing well and is in great spirits. His behaviors are just odd and out of sync for his usual personality. We'll have our boy back in 10 days once he can stop all these crazy med's. Meanwhile, his actions remind me of one of those monkey's that just stands there and clangs two cymbals together.

We're happy he's not in pain though. Praise the Lord.


3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

I am also happy that he is not in pain.

Before I read that it is meds causing Luke to behave that way, I was thinking that sounds like a typical day with Camden and he doesn't take any meds... but I do!!!

Have a great day!

Blueeyes said...

Jason is going to come home one day soon to find Heather tied to a chair with Little Luke causing havoc on the house. Heather, Stay one step ahead of Luke!
I am praying for Luke & especially for Heather! Hugs!

Kirtus and Dana said...

Everything will be back to normal soon. I'm praying for you.