Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ernie & Elmo Time... last I found something to keep Lukey occupied for longer than 2 seconds.

I remembered that we had the spare t.v. just sitting in the extra bedroom. So, I brought it out and played Luke's Elmo video.

Usually he only gets to watch his video's when we're in the car, but he'll now get a treat when we're in the house and mommy needs to get some chores done.

Lately, he's been needing lots of attn. and been my shadow ALL DAY LONG...making daily chores--even peeing a challenge.

Speaking of peeing (aka. tee tee-ing) there seems to be a little confusion on Luke's part on the word's teeth and tee tee. For potty training purposes the pediatrician suggested Luke watch when daddy goes tee tee so that he learns how boys do it. When Jason is going to the bathroom he says, "Luke daddy is going tee tee". That sounds pretty clear right??? Skip forward to the next day and mommy is helping Luke brush his teeth. When he's done we rinse off the toothbrush and put it in the drawer in the bathroom. We always say, "Bye bye" to whatever we're finishing/closing/leaving. So, I say close the drawer and say, "Bye Bye teeth". Luke say's, "BYE BYE TEE TEE!" with a smile as if he's just said the right word. I correct him and say, "It's bye bye TEETH Luke". He smiles and says, "Thank You Momma". It's so hilarious.

Oh, the little words they get confused on. His speech is getting much better since he got the tubes in his ears last week. It's like a different child. Today he said baby for the first time while we were looking at his picture book of objects.

Here are some of the words/phrases he says multiple times per day. Banana, App-um (apple), Jewz (juice), Poppa, Nana, Beau, My Poppa, My Nana, Thank You Momma, My Da Da, Poppa's ca (car), My Poppa's ca, Go Ca, Coutside (outside), Go Coutside, Cheese, Quack Quack, No, Da Da's Ca, ball, sock, twos (shoes), amen. He can identify his head, hair, belly, eyes, feet, hands, nose, ears & mouth. Every night and at meals we say, "We're going to pray to Jesus now". He will put his hands together and watch us pray. At the end he'll say Amen. It's really precious.

I cannot believe how quickly they learn and can mock you just by watching you do something ONCE. (yes, be very afraid if you are an underwear "picker outer".) The other day he was standing in the bathroom while I was peeing and after I flushed the toilet I noticed him repetiously mimicing me wiping. Nice huh! He also today decided to take his own shorts off something he's never done before. I hope this isn't the beginning of naked streaking episodes. Oh well...if it is it's just par for the course.

Our winkerbean is a smart boy with lots of energy and a smile that'll stop traffic. He's always happy and ready to play. We just love him so much and are constantly reminded of how blessed we are to have him in our lives.

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Kirtus and Dana said...

They are like little sponges for sure. This is the best thing about having little ones. Watching them grow and become little adults. I picked my son up from school today and he and this girl in his class walked out of the school together talking about the Mavericks game and our new Van. It was just amazing listening to them talk to each other and carry on a conversation. I just love it!!!
Enjoy every minute!!!