Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Into everything....

A little update from the Rice trio. Luke is enjoying his new home. He's helping mommy and daddy sort through empty boxes. Most of the time he just gets IN them. He's having a good ole' time though.

He's loving crawling in his toybox, on the new end tables and just being a general little winkerbean. Oh, and how do you like his peanut butter sandwich shot. He decided to wear it instead of eat it.
Well....yesterday marked a milestone in Lukey's life he now officially knows how to kiss you on the lips.
We. were at IKEA and I said, "Give Mommy kissey". He grabbed my head (by my ears) and pulled his head in close to mine where he gave me several smoochies on the lips. It was so cute. I savor little "firsts" like that. So cute. Still working on teaching him to say, "I love you".

Also, Luke is proud of his new "doggie shoes". They are little leather Robeez-like shoes with little doggies on them. Yest. morning when we were dressing I said, "Do you want to wear your doggie shoes". He smiled at me and said, "Dah-ee Zews". He get's me.

We're still unpacking, haven't been real motivated the last couple days. Just enjoying being here in the new house. Casa De Limon. We're really loving sitting out on our front porch in the evenings rocking in our wicker rocking chairs. Luke is learning the meaning of the words, "Stay on the porch". When he wanders he gets a spanken. He's learning slowly but surely. We're noticing he is really testing his boundaries these days. We say, "No touch" he has to get his little fingers right up to the item we just told him not to touch only he won't touch it, he'll just look at you like are you going to do anything if I DO touch it. Our answer--YES we will, don't try us.

We love our life. We have been blessed abundantly by our Lord.

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Jason Rice said...

Now if he could just help us unpack those umpteen boxes we still have left in the garage.....