Thursday, March 09, 2006

Dermabond Take II

Oh yes, you read correctly. Remember about 3 wks ago when I had to take Luke to the ER to get the gash in his forehead dermabonded? Well....we had the pleasure of making another Urgent Care visit last night.

Let me set the scene, we're in Frisco at Haverty's looking at a table for our kitchen breakfast nook (we took the first one we bought back--it was too small for the space) We didn't have the stroller (red flag #1) because we had to put the table we were returning in the back of the Expedition and so the stroller wouldn't fit. We thought....we'll just run in and look at this table we found online. We did so, finished and were headed for the front door. I said to Luke, "let's go bye-bye!". He looked at me with his devilish grin and ran the opposite direction of the door (here's where the stroller would have come in handy). Mind you it was also 8:30 p.m. which is 30 minutes past his bedtime (red flag #2). He decided to run from me. I couldn't catch him before he ran smack dab head on into a glass top dining table. At first I thought he'd just bumped his head. When I grabbed him it was evident that some sort of suturing would be necessary for the 1 inch gash that was layed open on his left eyebrow.

We quickly tried to stop the bleeding and proceeded to A-Cute Kids Urgent Care in Frisco. Where they Dermabonded it. It is a pretty wicked cut and it looks like he's been in the ring with Muhammad Ali, but the Dr. said unless Luke shaves his eyebrow later in life, you'll never be able to see the scar once the laceration heals. we begin approx 10 days of strangers in public saying, "Oh, honey what did he do to his eye!" To which I'm going to respond, "What do you mean? I don't see anything." People always have their comments when you're in public with a child who has bumps and bruises. Even if they have been crying or have allergies and their eyes or watering I always get, "Oh, he looks tired." I'm about to start saying, "Yeah, he IS---Tired of people like you making random comments about his demeanor." Can you tell unsolicited comments about my kid are a big pet peeve of mine. I swear, people need to just mind their own business.

He's a boy, he's fearless, he tries stunts only a trained circus professional should try. Get over it!

Anyway, he's resting quite comfortably tonight. He ran out all of his energy fighting Jason and I as we had to restrain him during the Dermabond application. Let me say, my boy does NOT like being held down. He was sweating so bad from fighting us that his whole head was soppin wet when the Dr. was done.

Oh, I almost forgot regarding the fearless thing. It's amazing that he didn't bust his head open earlier in the day as I caught him on the back patio trying to stand on the seat part of his 3-legged bike only he was backwards. That was right before I found him having tipped over a milk crate and was standing on that. What a little monkey.

We still love em' though. At least he's not afraid to try new things, much to our shegrin.


3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

I am so sorry you had to go through this again so soon. We will pray for quick healing.

Blueeyes said...

Little boys are simply amazing! Lukey is an adorable young boy who just likes to experiment with Mom & Dad's stress levels! I am sorry you guys had to go through another emergency room visit! I will pray for a quick recovery!

Brooke said...

My boy is fearless, just like his Aunt Brooke. I am glad he has this quality, just sad about all the dermabonds and cuts. I love him, and I will call them beauty marks!