Friday, March 10, 2006

Dermabond Poster Child & Cute lil Beau

Now you can all see what is keeping Dermabond in business. Notice the lovely little laceration on Lukey's left eyebrow.

The boy's still going strong though, still getting in to everything. What a little monkey.

Also, check out this cute pic of Luke's cuzzin Beau that I took today. He looked so cute sucking his thumb and watching Luke out in the back yard. The two of them play well together. Here's the scene: Beau is playing with Luke's Sesame Street guitar while Luke decides HE wants the guitar and Beau Bo should have the nemo football. We're teaching Luke how to share and not take toys away from his cousin. He is protective of him though. He walks around the house saying, "Beau", "Beau" and pointing at Beau. Then he'll bring him a toy or a sippy cup. Don't worry Auntie and Uncle he didn't drink out of Luke's cup. It was a kind gesture though, don't you think?

Such sweet little boys. What a blessing they are to our families.



Jason Rice said...

Those Duke Boyz sure are funny together.

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

those are great pictures!

Brooke said...

Love those sweet boys!!!!