Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Thank the Lord...he wasn't hurt.

Well...the inevitable has finally happened-- Luke fell down the stairs tonight. From the top stair upstairs to the landing mid way down--7 stairs in all. I was mortified watching him tumble down stair after stair unable to stop him. He was NOT hurt thank God. That's the main part. We are SO THANKFUL nothing serious became of it. It really could have been catastrophic. You literally cannot take your eyes off him for even 1 second. This is the main reason I want OUT OF THIS 2-STORY HOUSE.....Ugh!!!! This just confirms we made the right decision putting it on the market.

Which brings me to my next topic of discussion. We're now listed with Keller Williams Realty. We met with our new and improved agent this evening and know that she's actually going to do everything she can in her power to work for us, not against us as our previous realtor did. So, for now... we'll sit and wait for God to bring just the right buyer. He will and we'll sell it in HIS timing.

Please pray that Lukey doesn't wake up with bumps and bruises or whiplash. My sweet little pumpkin was so helpless tumbling down those big stairs. Made me want to cry.


Brooke said...

Yes, I am so glad that he was not hurt!!! Poor little Lukey! I am so glad that you all put your house on the market... I know that the new and improved Realtor will sell it in no time flat!!!!!!

Amber said...

My little baby is just fine- thank goodness! I know how hard it is on you and Jason to watch him every second due to him being so active. My day will be sooner than later, I know!! I'm just so glad everything is okay.