Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ok, I have to brag on my boy...

Tonight Jason and I witnessed the cutest little thing ever that Lukey did. All day he's been fiddling with all the door stoppers downstairs. He boiiiing, boinnng, boinnng's them. Then he tugs until he can pull the little white cap tips off. Then he proceeds to put them in his mouth. So, I took them all off, except for one. Which, he found.....tonight. We were sitting in the living room on the floor watching him boiiing it again and we said, "No, Lukey!!!" Jason went over and removed it. Then, Lukey stood right where Jason had removed the door stopper and fiddled with the remaining metal piece on the wall that the fitment goes in. He then walked over to Jason, held out his hand and handed Jason the "imaginary" door stopper and said, "Ank Ewe" (thank you). Then walked over and repeated this same thing 6 times. It was so cute. Every time he came over to hand the imaginary door stopper to Jason he'd grin and say Ank Ewe. It was so precious. He might be like me and have an imaginary friend later on in his elementary years like my imaginary friend Burr Burr. Don't laugh. He WAS real--to me! Luke's showing imagination, creativity, attn. to detail and a love for music. He's such a smart boy. We just love him. Oh, and he's feeling good today after his stair tumbling incident last night. I'm headed to bed to count sheep now. Later taters.

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