Monday, October 10, 2005

St. Jude's Craft Fair-November 4-5

Yippee.....I've been asked to be in this year's 2005 St. Jude's Craft Fair. It is November 4-5. I'm really excited as I've only attended in the past and not been a vendor. I'm going to sell handcrafted purses designed by none other than your's! I have lots of work to do between now and then. Each design is one-of-a-kind, birthed from my imagination, creativity and sometime sleep deprivation.

I hope that everyone reading my blog will come and support the cause. It's a really fun craft fair. There will be 65 vendors this year and a wide range of decorative items for sale. For those of you who don't know St. Jude's Catholic Church is off Greenville Avenue between Stacy Rd. and Exchange Pkwy. in Allen. The fair runs from 9-5 on Friday and 9-3 on Sat. I guarantee if you come you won't leave empty-handed.

Just wanted to share this with everyone, as it's a great venue to get the word out about my business Faith Creations, LLC. Thanks to all of my friends who are helping me get the word out and who are cutting fabric in the Rice "Sweat Shop" (only kidding...I'll leave that to Kathie Lee). Also, I want to share with you about another exciting event upcoming in the month of December. It's a party that's being hosted on my behalf by 3 friends of mine. I've got GREAT FRIENDS!!! It's Dec 2 and we're calling it the "Junk In The Trunk" Purse Party. If you see the purses you'll know why. They're all made from recycled denim jeans. I was going to go with "Bootie Bags", but that name is already trademarked. I don't need any trademark infringement lawsuits on my hands. So, since booties go in jeans and the vernacular "Junk In The Trunk" is often used to refer to booties, it was appropriate. So, stay tuned more information is forthcoming. P.S. H1, I will still make it to Hud-man's bday party.


Brooke said...

How exciting. I hope that you make lots of $$$ ! Wish I could be there to go.

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

wish i could be there to check it all out. sounds so cute!

Brooke said...

Need to see a new blog chica! Hee Hee

Anonymous said...

H2....Puleez, you don't worry about Hud-man's birthday party. You have already seen him eat enough cake and seen him play with Woody and Buzz for hours on end. Jason came come and let Luke play, if he wants. I just want you to stay and make lots and lots of cashola!!!