Monday, October 17, 2005

"Looks like somebodies got a case of the Mondays"...what movie?

Monday, schmunday--hasn't really been a fun day. Trying to keep this house clean for showings is already driving me nutso. It was much easier selling our last house because we didn't have an additional 10 fingers pawing the windows and messing up everything we just cleaned up. Oh well...he's our blessing so I can't complain.

We had a showing tonight but all the came to fruition was a couple of carpet stains in the entry, formal dining and stairs that the "lookers" tracked in. Would it be rude to have a sign that say's, "Please take off shoes to view home?" We were so pissed off when we came home. Ugh!!!! Then to top it off our listing with Ebby Halliday is all screwed up. It's got a wrong street name, wrong information, etc....I seriously don't know how anyone has found it. We can't. Only on a few websites do they have all the pictures and still some of the info. is wrong. We've contacted our agent twice today and each time she acts like she's too busy to deal with us. Can you fire an agent this early on? We are so annoyed at this point. We aren't going to be able to sell our house when it says stupid stuff like "Grassy Drive", Pier & Beam foundation, Covered Porch......Gosh, it's so freaking frustrating. We've basically lost a whole 4 days of showings, while everything has been flubbed up in the system that all the realtors pull from. Any suggestions anyone?

I've been working on more purses today and on getting my peg board with hooks painted and ready to go. I think the show is going to be really good coming up in 2 wks. I hope I sell, sell, sell some purses. Well...I'm off to bed to rest these tired eyes. Please pray I have NO coughing spells tonight. They have kept me and Jason up the last 2 nights. It's wierd, it kicks in when I lay down.

Later taters.

P.S. Answer to the title of this email's question is....The movie Office Space.

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