Sunday, October 16, 2005

Quick weekend rundown....

Friday---House goes on the market via Ebby Halliday. We begin frantically cleaning every little nook and cranny. Poppa left for business trip in Russia. He'll be gone for a week. We'll miss him. Sat. A.M.---Jason goes to bid a landscaping project in Corinth with his bro. Luke and I stayed home and cleaned. Well...I cleaned he went behind me and "un-cleaned" what I had just cleaned. Four times he took the books out of the glider chair pocket and threw them on the floor. He's into EVERYTHING...Amber, you just wait. GranDee came by and we went to McDonald's for some pancakes, sausage and chocolate milk. I think Luke liked the balloon best. The cleaning lady he was flirting with came over and gave him. Sat. P.M.--Jason returns and helps with more cleaning. GranDee watchs the Lukey boy so we could go look at some houses with our realtor. Still stuck on our friend Lance's house that he has for sale in McKinney. Get together for food, fun and fellowship with the Fulenwider's and another look at THE HOUSE. Still want it. Sun.--Weren't feeling too hot and we hit snooze on the alarm and never woke back up. Well....we woke up, just not in time for any services. Jason went to watch the Cowboys game at Nana's house and Luke napped. I whipped out the purses while he was sleeping. Made 10 in all. I have got LOTS more still to do. GranDee stopped by again to hang out and have pizza with us and the Lee's. Oh, I almost forgot my boys both got hair cuts today. I buzzed Luke's a little shorter than last time. It looks so cute. Jason's looks handsome too. It's now time for beddy bye. Nightie, night for now.

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