Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The homeselling saga continues.....

Well, it's day #6 of selling our house and we had to fire our realtor already. She wasn't doing her job, was being dishonest, wasn't answering our calls or emails, didn't have our house info. listed correctly and basically blew us off every time we did get her on the phone. So, my little rant for the day is don't go with the McKinney office of Ebby Halliday if you WANT to sell your house.

We have an appt. with a realtor tonight with Keller Williams that is a referral from a good friend and we are confident in her abilities to get our house marketed and sold. This whole saga has been so frustrating for us because we really did not want to have to let our previous realtor go she was a friend from church.

And believe you me....as soon as the head honchos at Ebby got wind of our wish to terminate our relationship with them THEN they started kicking everything in high gear. Including...calls to show our house today. Two calls in the span of 1 minute--I'm serious too! Then, when I told them that the house was being de-listed with Ebby today and to tell the agents NOT to show the house, they showed it any way and set off our security alarm, police called and everything.

Needless to say. Ebby doesn't listen, nor do they heed the customers requests. We're so over them it's not even funny. I really don't even know how they stay in business doing business the way they do. But so be it. More power to em', we're moving on.

So, if you know anyone interested in buying, it'll be back on the market this evening WITH CORRECT INFO this time. Keller Williams will make sure of it. Thanks for listening to me vent.

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