Friday, October 21, 2005

Blog Nazi is my new title...

Yes you heard me....I'm officially the "blog nazi" as my sis calls me. That's ok, you can call me whatever you want....As long as I fulfill my official duties as such....which are: making sure all friends and family update their blogs on a consistent basis...translated...more than 3x a week.

Even if it's just a short snippet telling us what's up, that will suffice. Just don't leave us hanging for days on end. Off my soapbox now.

Today our house got shown 1 time and the potential buyer did not like how open our gameroom was. Ok, it's not a media room...nowhere does it say that a gameroom can't have a loft. Two words....Next, please. The weather is suppose to be nice this weekend so I'm sure many house surfers will be headed to Lost Creek Ranch to view our sprawling mansion. Maybe someone will even put a contract on it. That's our prayers. Our realtor this time around ROCKS!!! She is so cool. I just know our house is going to sell in no time flat. If not, we'll just hang out here until it does.

Luke had a meltdown tonight while we were out to eat. We literally got our food and he started screaming hysterically. Cuzzin Beau, Nana and Daddy can attest to the fact that it was an all out cry fest which ended in boxed food for take out. Turns out little munchkin was constipated and needed a little suppository action. So, you're grossed out now! Give me a break. Like you've never been constipated. Welcome to our world every so often. It's miserable watching him whince in pain. We got him relieved and he's sleeping comfortably.

I got about 6 purses lined and handles attached tonight so I'm making headway. I ONLY have about 16 more to line and then it's decoration time and make some from scratch time. I've only scratched the surface. My show is on Nov 4, so I still have a little time to bang out the bags. Well, I'm headed to bed now. I have a big garage sale I'm going to in the morning it starts at 6:30 AM. This is where I get my bargains to resell on Ebay. You may laugh and say, "Oh, that's crazy to get up that early on a Sat." Then I would tell you, "You must not have kiddo's because that's usually what time THEY wake you up". So, I will sieze the day and get started early, get me some deals and wheel and deal em' on Ebay. It's fun and addictive. Oh, and brings in a little extra cashola. Which comes in handy these days with gas $18 per gallon.

Later taters.

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Amber said...

Love the Blog Nazi. That is what it is all about. Jeff accuses me of loving the computer more than him. It seems like the only time I can blog is at night and that is when Jeff wants my undivided attention. You are doing a great job- Keep it up- I love hearing about your life.