Thursday, January 31, 2008

You know you're a mom when....More Creations...

Yes, Andie these are your's...
You know you're a mom when you find a Mini- Mr. Potato head in your purse. And....when you find yourself eating Winnie The Pooh shaped pasta on an Elmo plate. Such was the case with both of these for me today.
I've been designing today, see above pictures. I also designed 25 other adorable pendants which I will feature tomorrow. Check back then.
Please continue to pray for my dear friend Carol Ann who is valiantly battling lung cancer. She's been accepted into a research study and the med's she's been given cause acne-IF THEY'RE WORKING THE WAY THEY'RE SUPPOSE TO. So, pray for her to get lot's and lots of acne. I designed the "Acne Fairy" pendant for her today. Maybe she'll take a picture of herself wearing it once she receives it so that I can post her picture.
Designing with a Purpose,
Heather Rice


Patty said...

Very cool new pendants! Prayers and positive thoughts to Carole.

Julie said...

I like that Paris one - tres chic!

Praying for lots of zits for your friend as well (but only because I want her to get better).