Monday, January 28, 2008

Drama Momma....late night creation

Ya'll all know inspiration strikes me at strange hours sometimes. Last night was one of "those" nights. This idea popped in my head and I went to creating. It's a gift for my friend Yvonne from church. She always keeps me laughing and her humor is contagious. There always seems to be a zillion thing going on in her life and she knows how to laugh at herself. Two words....Drama Momma. Her 15 year old daughter in out in CA on the verge of signing with a major recording label. She's an incredibly gifted singer. She's already done some songs on Billy Blanks (of Tae Bo fame) exercise DVD's. God has a plan for Lauren and it's gonna be HUGE. Please pray for God's hand to direct their paths as they begin signing contracts, etc...Love you Yvonne, see ya at lunch. Can't wait to give you your necklace....It's SO YOU!!!

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