Friday, January 18, 2008

Run don't walk...

Run, don't walk on over to Confessions of a CF Husband. I'm pretty sure "CF" should stand for Christ-Following Husband as Nathan, Tricia's hubby is faithfully carrying out his mission to care for his wife and young daughter. His struggles and triumphs are an open book for the world to see. I'm fairly confident that there'll be extra jewels in his crown one day. What a gracious guy. Always willing to help OTHERS, even though his circumstances are trying at best.

He has HOPE, the hope that comes from having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. HE is the rock. A firm foundation. It's evident that the Lawrenson clan's feet are placed on this rock. It is refreshing as a believer to be reminded of how we're all in the game called life together. Really, if you think about it life here on earth is just a "dress rehearsal" for the real curtain call in heaven one day.

I am encouraged in my faith to read all of Nate's updates. His attitude is positive and you can truly tell that he has the PEACE that passes all understanding. Thanks Nate for giving us a little glimpse of what heaven will be like.


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