Thursday, January 17, 2008

Answered Prayers....

Exciting news today on the Confessions of a CF Husband blog. Tricia is fully awake. She's been weaned off of her sedative, but I believe she still has her breathing tube. Nate has reported it is much easier to read her lips today. Thankfully, that takes a bit of the non-communication frustration away. I prayed specifically for that yest. Thank you Jesus for hearing and answering my prayer. Also, little Gwynie (my nickname) is doing well too. She's one strong girl and is holding her own in the NICU. Nate was able to show pictures and video of her today to Tricia. I am wondering what Tricia must feel like not getting to have been a part of the last week or so as she's been sedated for 9 days now. There will be many opportunities to come to be with her baby girl, but there's just something special about those first moments. I remember not getting to see Luke for 10 hrs. after he was born as the nurses were trying to lower his blood sugar and get his oxygen levels balanced out. That was torture for me. I'm praying that Tricia doesn't experience this sadness. The way it all played out was all part of God's plan. No looking back, only forward. She is now starting the long road back in terms of physical therapy. The end goal is to be able to be placed back on the transplant waiting list. She is still in great need of a double lung transplant. My prayer is that her rehabilitation will be quick and that she will not experience any further setbacks. Jesus, you know how all the timing will play out. I come before you on behalf of Tricia and her family. I pray for divine intervention and ask that you comfort her during her rehab. I know it's not easy to operate on diminished lung capacity (just from my experience with having lung surgery last year) It is not fun to have to depend on oxygen just to breathe. I pray for the potential donor family. I know that at this time that person is still a mystery to us, but you know who they will be. Of course, it will mean one person losing their life so that Tricia can continue her's. I ask that you go before them and that when that time comes to donate their loved one's lungs they will see what a deserving person Tricia is. May You continue to be glorified through this entire situation. It's strengthening my faith, just to be interceding in prayer on this families behalf. You know my heart Jesus and I ask that you continue to bless Tricia and Gwyneth. They are both miracles!



Jane-Jane said...

saw you over at Nate's... wanted to stop over.

I have a very close friend that had triplets. (long road to get pregnant, bed rest, delivering them early, then complications with mommy after delivery) I too have been praying for Tricia and these past days she has been unable to visit Gwyneth's bedside.

so much to pray for, so little time!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

MilePost13 said...

Thank you!

Julie said...

AMEN!!! Are you, like me, sort of addicted to Nate's blog? I find myself checking it often, just to see if there are any new pictures or updates! I feel like they are part of my family! Well, I guess they ARE, because we are brothers and sisters in Christ!!! What an awesome God we serve!

Patty said...

:) Was your smile as big as mine was when you saw Nathan's post?
Addicted I am, addicted