Friday, September 28, 2007

WHAT THE H.E.Double Hockey Sticks..

Let me preface my blog for today with a statement in my defense. I usually have the patience of a saint with Luke. He's done some minor things to peeve me in his 3+ years on this earth. Most being a matter of inconvenience. This takes the cake though. At my own admission when I saw this I wanted to fly into a fit of rage and pinch his little head off. Because for 3 days now he's gotten spankings for doing this....Today he sent me over the edge when I saw him hanging from the floatie, which was hanging from the chandelier in our dining room.
You see he decided to use the picnic table Nana and Poppa got him for his bday as a "step stool" to hang from the light fixture. Not only is the fixture bent, but where it is attached to the ceiling is coming out too. I don't think the mfg.'s designed it to hold a 37 lb three year old. This whole incident royally pisses me off, because I've told him 3 times in the last few days to STOP DOING THIS!
So, for now he's being punished in his room w/door closed until daddy get's home and we can talk about proper punishment for this "crime". I know he's definitely getting his cherished McQueen cars taken away all weekend. We were going to go to the mall tonight in Frisco for a family time together that Jason planned. We were going to take Luke to ride the carousel...Not now! I still think we'll go to the mall, but let him see what he's missing by NOT getting to ride it. Maybe that will be punishment enough! Sorry, but I HAD TO VENT!


Blueeyes said...

I am so sorry honey!

Hugs & Love!

Kirtus and Dana said...

OMG!!! Heather, I feel for you girl. My kids do the same thing. The trick I do is put the fear of getting really hurt and going to the hosptial and getting shots. It works...because my kids hate shots. It's a little morbid...but they think twich now before doing something like swing on the ceiling fan with the vaccum cord again. ;) I'm glad you took a picture of it. One day when he is graduating from highschool, college, getting married, having another little one like can pull this picture out and have a good laugh. :)

Amber said...

Hang in there- sista!! I'm glad you are getting somewhat of a break during the week now!! You definitely need a break every once in awhile....I know I do.

Aimee said...

That picture says it all...I can imagine the feelings!!! So did ya'll sit and stare and the carousel for a LONG time last night?! Maybe Mommy should have gone to the mall on her own! For me, by Friday all my patience is GONE!!! Hope your recouping over the weekend!!! Seriously though, you will have a great laugh about that when his little guy gives him a run for the money!

Brooke said...

Yikes!!!!! That is all I can say!!! I am sure I will have plenty of these pictures in the near future to post!