Thursday, September 13, 2007

Angel Allie The Pumpkin....a Tribute

I don't know if you guys remember 3 years ago when WFAA 8 featured a family in Allen with a very critically ill daughter, named Allison Leigh Scott. She had leukemia and earned her angel wings Sept 13, 2004 after her brave 5 mo. battle w/cancer.
Although, Allie did not live long here on earth (just 8 1/2 short months) but...the legacy she has left is amazing. Her mother, Jenny Scott (a former teacher) co-founded Heroes For Children after Allie's passing.

The need for an organization of this type became more evident to Jenny Scott after witnessing the devastating effects of childhood cancer. During her daughter’s treatments (stem cell transplant & chemo), she witnessed first hand the blessings of the community. However, she saw even more families struggling without the aid and care of others. Families were losing their homes, having their electricity shut off, and struggling to make everyday payments.

Allie loved her giraffe Sophie. She loved to blow "raspberry" (bubbles) from her mouth and she had the most beautiful smile. Please check out Andrew, Jenny & Maggie Scott's blog (click on my link "Jenny & Andrew"). You might be able to help Heroes For Children in some way. They have lots of volunteer opportunities. You can also see their newest little miracle that God blessed them with, Miss Maggie.
In honor of Angel Allie day, we decided since Luke loves pumpkins so much, that we'd purchase another pumpkin friend for Salsa and name her Allie. She's beautiful, but not as beautiful as Angel Allie was. She is very well accessorized if I may say so myself. She has long eyelashes, a beautiful smile (thanks to parts on loan from Mr. Potato head) and has beautiful pink angel wings and a golden halo....
After Allie went to heaven her family noticed that whereever they went butterflies would surround them. So, for them the butterfly is very special because to them it's Allie watching over them. So, it was ironic to me tonight that when I put the wings on Angel Allie Pumpkin Luke said, "She's a butterfly mommy" (and he flapped his wings) I got cold chills. Because of copyright legalities I cannot post any pic's of Allie but you can read her story and see tons of pic's at
Hope you like the picture of Luke, Angel Allie Pumpkin and Cheyenne Giraffe.
And a special HAPPY 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY to my sweet hubby. I love you more and more every day. You complete me and I'm proud to call myself your wife. Thanks for putting up with me for all these years. XOXOXOXO



Amber said...

Wow! What a tribute to Allie. I had forgotten about all of that. I'm so glad you reminded me on this blog. Good Job Luke on such an awesome pumpkin...Auntie is proud of your sweet heart....

Aimee said...

Happy Anniversary!!