Thursday, September 20, 2007

The ice cream kids...can you say Messy Messerson

Am I brave or what! Maybe just a little insane. What do you get when you mix a 2 & 3 yr. old, a car, 2 icecream cones and a hot day.....You guessed it a pair of Messy Messerson's. Here was the dialogue between the two of them in the back seat.

Luke: "Beau, you wan ice ream cone?"

Beau: "Yeah, ice ream"

Luke: "Thank you mommy SO much"

Beau: "Thanks Heh-burr"

Beau: "Uh, Oh"

Luke: "Whats wong Beau, you got ice ream on your whips (lips)?"

Beau: "Yeah (wiping himself w/napkin) Dare dat's better".

Luke: "It's ok Beau, we'll fix it".

Beau: "Heh have ice ream cone?

Aunt Heather: "Sure do, eat your's it's melting."

Beau: (licking cone) "Yummy ice ream cone". "It's messy".

Aunt Heather: "That's ok, we'll clean it up".

Luke: "Yeah, Beau dat's ok, we'll clean it up."

Too cute huh!!! Hey, my theory it's not fun until someone's covered in dairy products...They had a blast giggling in the back seat...can't get those times back...You can always clean em' up!


Trina said...

Too cute!! Did you go to DQ Country? That's the best ice ream in town!

Heather said...

no it was mickey d's.

Blueeyes said...


Anonymous said...

I think it is awesome that the two cousins are such good little friends. Too cute!!!


Carole said...

Awwh, they're so cute! I can just hear their sweet little voices!

Amber said...

You have me in tears! That conversation was so sweet. I think they are sooo cute together. Thanks so much for taking care of my baby boy today. It seems that he had a blast with his Aunt heb ber and cuzin uke!!