Saturday, September 08, 2007

Random thing challenge (Here you go Holly)...

Ok, I've decided to take the challenge my friend Holly gave me. It was to post 8 random things about myself. I've been thinking for a couple days, so here goes. Just added #9 & #10 (see below)

1. I absolutely loathe all of the tags that you have to cut off brassiere's when they're brand new. There's the mfg. tag, the size tag, the "how to wash tag", the "made w/spandex-lycra" tag....blah, blah...blah.

2. I would rather shop at thrift stores/garage sales than major dept. stores. Then sell all my "treasures" on Ebay. I love the challenge of finding a bargain. Coupon clipping, love it too!

3. If the Lord had not blessed us with Luke, we were going to adopt from China.

4. I usually use this "technique" to justify $$$ spent to Jason, when I've spent a little too much while shopping. (I know I'm blowing my cover, but you asked for random Holly). Here's the scenario I come home from shopping and here's how the conversation goes:
Jason: So, (sigh, pause) How much DID you spend?
Heather: Oh, only $173 (mind you I really spent much less than that but that kinda get's him rialed up so that when I hit him with the actual amt. it seems SO MUCH LESS and "acceptable".)
Jason: You're kidding me right? We didn't really have the money for you to spend that much, but I guess we'll just have to make due. I hope you got some good deals for that $173. Heather, that's a lot of money to spend at TJ Maxx.
Heather: But honey, I got such great deals....and look I even got YOU a new shirt for work.
Jason: That's nice.
Heather: Just kidding sweetie, I only spent $52....
Jason: Oh, well that's WAY better.
Heather: I know, I'm such a frugal shopper, aren't I?
Jason: Yeah, whatever. I'm just glad you didn't REALLY spend the $173.
Heather: You know me, I would NEVER spend that much without telling you first.
Jason: Good, keep it that way.
And that's how it works. See, now doesn't that kinda smooth things over.

5. I write things down on my calendar AFTER I've done them sometimes, just to be able to scratch it off. Such a sense of accomplishment.

6. If I could spend a zillion dollars I would spend it at Nordstrom's (I know, I said I'd rather shop at thrift stores more than dept. stores but.....if I had a zillion dollars).

7. I use to eat "doodle bugs" when I was a little girl.....Ok, don't ask me why--maybe I was aware even then of the importance of protein.

8. I eat every thing on my plate one course at a time....i.e. all the meat THEN all the veggies...THEN the bread. Don't know why, but just can't mix the food in my mouth. I know it mixes in my belly anyway.

9. Cannot stand it when people give you a "dead fish" handshake. No weak firm and confident people.

10. Secretly (until now) addicted to Cheez It's. I know Aunt Jenny is going to be disappointed in me. I'm sorry Aunt J. I had to switch over from NIPS. These just taste better to me now.

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Kirtus and Dana said...

Wow..these are some things I never knew about you.