Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Little Monkeys....Eggs....Trains...THE Doctor..Gardners...MacNCheese

Luke's buddy Matthew is over to play today. This is what the two little monkeys have done thus far: eaten bananas, eaten eggs and played trains....stay tuned I'm sure I'll have more pic's by days end. Oh, I almost forgot...Luke just came to me and asked for a "hop-stickle" (popsicle) and some Chuck E. Cheese cheese. I guess he has a hollow leg this morning. I didn't give him the popsicle or the cheese. Gosh, lunch isn't too far away from now. I promise, I DO feed this boy.
Here's more...they were "indoor gardners", and mac-n-cheese eaters. They had a good time together. Come over again soon Matthew.
Then it was off to the Dr. for Luke's 3 year well child visit. As we pulled in the parking lot Luke started whining and I said, "what's wrong?" He said, "Me no wanna go to doctor". I bribed him with, "if you are a big, brave boy mommy has a special treat for you after we leave the dr's. an ice cream cone". It worked. Although, he hated being poked, prodded and given 2 shots he made it through fine. He even told the Dr. that he was "perfect". Never heard him use that word before. It was also quite hilarious when she had to check his ears (ya'll know how he hates anyone touching his ears) She told him she had to look inside to see if there were any puppy dogs in there. He promptly told her, "There are no dog in there-AND THERE ARE NO COWS EITHER". I busted out laughing. Then later he told me that he wanted me to check for pigs, horses and giraffe's to make sure there were none of those animals in there. Aren't they innocent. Since he was such a big boy and mommy was SO proud of him he got a sticker, sucker and got to pick a prize from the toy chest. Then it was off to Ben & Jerry's for an ice cream cone. He had strawberry icecream in a chocolate covered sprinkly cone and mommy had coconut, chocolate, almond in a cup.
Daddy is out of town on business in Nashville until tomorrow. So, tonight when mommy couldn't get the DVD player to come on Luke told me, "It's ok, daddy fix it when he get's home".
We miss you daddy, you would have been so proud of your big boy today.
Oh, how could I forget we also met Beau, Auntie (who Luke calls Pantie), Nana & Poppa at Peter Piper Pizza for dinner. The boys had a blast riding rides, throwing skee-balls (in the lanes next to them) and retrieving tickets. Luke had 149 accumulated and Beau 129. They both can thank Poppa for the game tokens. Thanks for the food and fun Poppa.'s off to bed for both of us. My day started way too early this morning with my 4 am insomnia.
We love you daddy. Hey Aunt Brooke, check out my Jay Jay birthday jammies you sent me. This is my first night to wear them.
I had to come in and add this. I just tucked Luke in to bed. This was his prayer tonight. "Dear Jesus, thank you for Daddy and Mickey Mouse, Amen". Too cute, huh!

Heather & Luke


Blueeyes said...

Potato Salad: Egg, Mayo, Onion, a little cajun seasoning, a little italian dressing, bell pepper...I do not like relish in the potato salad.

My computer needs a little more memory and then I am good to go......Also, I need to get internet, but I should have everything up and running soon.

Heather said...

Tony Cachere's???

Mine: Yukon gold potatoes, mayo, celery, mustard, dill pickles, sweet relish, dill spice, coarse sea salt grinded, white onions, black pepper. The cajun seasoning sounds awesome too.

Blueeyes said...

Yep, Tony Cachere's. It's the best!

It's official...I should be have my new digital cable and internet hooked up by Monday!

Oh, I will be at Four Corner's on Sunday! I'm looking forward to it.

3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

That house looks familiar...with all the toys., did you come over today?

Just wait until he hits 5 and the hollow leg is an every meal every day occurrence. Our grocery bill is crazy!!!