Sunday, September 23, 2007

Doing better.

I guess the TLC given to Lukey today paid off. He's been doing well. However, we did take him to the Dr. again tonight (twice in 3 days) and they still said he looks fine. My response, "Well..he doesn't sound fine!"

Dr. diagnosed it as a common cold, ears clear, throat clear, chest clear. Dr. did prescribe 5 days of a liquid steroid to reduce swelling in the bronchial area. Thanks for your prayers.

If no fever Doc says he can go to school tomorrow. He's still hoarse, but is acting fine.

So, we'll see. In other news, my niece Emery turned 1 yesterday. Check out Brooke's blog for the pic's. Word on the street is she was elbow deep in cake frosting...Wish we could have been there to witness it all first-hand. Maybe next year huh!


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