Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Some funnies...

First let me start by saying yes it's almost 1am. and I'm up. That's because I ran out of Tylenol PM's YESTERDAY.

So, this morning I'm going to cover a broad gammet of funnies that have occured in the last couple days.

By the way, potty training is going awesome. We're officially a diaper-free zone. Why didn't I stick with potty training sooner? It's SO NICE not to have to change diapers all day. Luke tells me when he needs to potty and we go. He's still not got going #2 in the potty, but I hear that's normal. He's literally accident free where going #1 is concerned. It took 3 straight days of cleaning pee pee underwear and then something just "clicked" with him. I'm sure dangling fruit snack treats every time he went tinkle in the potty helped a lot too. I bought those happy face fruit snacks from Walmart, put them in an airtight container on the bathroom vanity (you germaphob's stop worrying). Every time he tee tee's in the potty, washes his hands and pulls up his own pants he gets ONE fruit snack. This boy is the most pottying fool, I've ever seen. He has great bladder control though as he even held it in the car after he told me he needed to go tee tee. Way to go Luke, mommy and daddy are SO proud of you.

Today, we prepared to go to Walmart. As I gathered my key's and we were standing at the back door I said to Luke, "you ready to go?" He said, "Ready to go G.I. Joe". If I'm lying, I'm dying....I laughed so hard. He got that from me because some times I say, "Ready to go G.I. Joe". Boy, they pick up on everything.

Once at Walmart we'd pass aisles where he'd see something he wanted and he'd say, "Mommy I want raisins". To which I would usually reply, "No, we already have raisins at home honey, remember". So, today he would answer his OWN question. Conversation went something like this, "Mommy, I want raisins--no we have some of thoses at home right mommy". This age is so precious.

Also, while at Wally World we got his Lightning McQueen pinata and party favors for his 3 year old birthday party on Sunday. He's so funny as we were checking out I said, "Say Hi to our checkout lady". He said, "Hi Birthday Party lady". I said, "tell her how old you'll be on your birthday Sunday". He held up three fingers and said, "Six". It was too cute for words. Guess we still have to work on numbers.

Also, yest. morning he informed me at 9 am. that he, "Want a sucker mommy". I said, "No honey we can't have a sucker for breakfast". To which he replied, "Tell GranDee to go to store and get some". I just laughed.

Over the weekend Luke was wandering around our house talking on his pretend phone saying, Abby (my inlaws poodle) where are you??? You know you're in the technological age when your 2 year old points his pretend phone at you and says, "Say cheese" to take your picture. That's just what he did last week to me. His pretend phone even has a fake picture taking sound on it. Too much.

We're gearing up for vacation bible school at church next week. I'm heading up crafts this year with my friend Heather, she's H1, I'm H2 and Amber DRIVES an H3. How clever huh.

Oh, I had to laugh when I got in bed earlier this evening before I got up to blog. I was adjusting the volume on the monitor when I noticed a hot dog sitting on my windowseat in the bedroom. Albeit, it was a plastic hotdog from Luke's old play kitchen. It just took me off guard and made me laugh. That boy can dig up some of the craziest stuff. Oh, his Elmo sunglasses were tucked into the bed sheets on daddy's side too. What a little goober.

As you can tell, life is a laugh a minute round these parts. That's what makes being a mom so much fun for me. Kids don't care how dirty they are or how un-cooth they are. It's the innocent part of being young. I was reminded of that in the car today as Luke slurped, burped and drizzled my diet Dr. Pepper down the front of his shirt. When I tried to take it back he would say, "I'm tirsty momma". Oh, and when he sits on the potty and only toots he looks up and me and smiles and says, "I toot momma." I just say, "that's okay".

Well...I think that's about all the funnies for now. Stay tuned for more crazy Luke antics.


Blueeyes said...

Go to the store to buy more PM medicine!!! It's the miracle drug!

Anonymous said...

This is just adorable. I love this age too. Morgan comes up with the greatest things sometimes. #2 will click too one day. I hope for your sake it is sooner than later. Garrett was so easy, but Morgan...well she had a schedule that she kept to on when she would go #2. So, I just sat her on the potty and sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. I finally bribed her with sugar free suckers. She still thinks she gets a sucker when she goes #2...it's so cute.


Amber said...

I needed to hear those stories. It made me have a good laugh this morning!!

Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...