Friday, July 13, 2007

Penis story...yes, I did say PENIS!

Ok, it's here. The infamous "PENIS story". My girlfriend Tammy (BlueEyes) made me feel convicted at Pokeno Monday night about my need to potty train Luke. After all, he does turn 3 next Sunday. I've tried several times previously and he just didn't show any interest. It was frustrating to say the least. But, Monday Tammy said, "How's potty training going?" I said, "It's not". Then I got to thinking on Tues. why NOT try again. So, here goes.

I put Elmo big boy underwear on Luke and said, "Tell mommy when you need to go potty or poo poo and we'll go in your big boy potty", "don't tee tee in your underwear, you're a big boy now and big boys go in the potty, not in diapers.". Well...he peed and pooped all day in his underwear, just like he was wearing a diaper. Each time I told him it was ok, and that accidents happen, but I kept reminding him to tell me when he needed to go. He never did. Wednesday, same scenario different day. Thursday we seemed to turn a corner. Thank God because I almost gave up again.

Thursday morning he was sitting on his big boy potty and mommy was sitting on the big girl potty. I pulled down his underwear and he has to take them ALL THE WAY off. I said, "Point your penis down towards the potty and go tee tee. Mommy is going to read you the potty book while you do that." To my amazement he reached down and pointed his penis downward but looked up and me and said as if amazed, "MY PEEENIS". I said, "Yes, that is your penis and you use it to go potty like a big boy in the potty." To which he replied, "Yummy, good penis!" as if he was admiring a tasty icecream cone or apple juice. He always says, "Yummy ___and whatever it is he likes". I tried not to laugh and said, "No honey we can't eat our penis, it's a body part, we use it to tee tee in the potty." To which HE said, "Yeah, no eat penis!" I thought I would lose a lung laughing. He DID pee pee successfully in the potty and had no accidents at all yest. Even slept through his nap without peeing in his pull up. Today, no accident's either except he does still poop in his underwear. We haven't quite gotten that down yet.

But...the funny part is now EVERY time he sits down he points his penis downward into the potty, looks up at me and says: "My eat penis!".

God, I hope he doesn't tell anyone, "Look, I no eat penis!". They'll definitely wonder what we're teaching this boy.

It's really cute to watch him though. I make a BIG deal out of it when he pee's in the potty. We even have a congratulatory "pee pee dance" that we do. He also get's McQueen fruit snacks when he does it.

Isn't parenting fun....all except the poopy underwear.



Jim & Jami said...

Oh the pee-pee dance, I remember that. They get so excited when they learn the first step in potty training, Jake had to tell everyone, at the house, over the phone, at church, ect....Luke has just added a little twist to his news....he is such a hoot.J-

3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

Too funny! I can't until you are in a public restroom and Luke announces his "no eat Penis" to everyone in the bathroom.

Congratulations Luke, you sure are a big boy!!!


Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

You are too sweet! And this story freaks me out about having little boys :) His stories crack me up!!!