Thursday, July 19, 2007

Get out of my bed...

Tonight it was so cute as we tucked Luke in to bed he said the following: "Elmo, get up that's my bed". I laughed so hard. So his Elmo stuffed animal is in the doghouse tonight. Sorry, no pictures to share tonight.

Luke's still doing well with potty training. I am thinking he'll get the #2 part down SOON!

He's so excited about his "Dirthday" party. He's been talking all day about his cupcakes, dirthday presents, dirthday party, etc...It's finally starting to sink in that he is having his party this Sunday.

He's a hoot and a half though. We made some cupcakes as a dry run today and he was SO excited about getting to eat a cupcake. They were yummy.

We got to see Nana and Poppa today too.

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Amber said...

Beau can't wait to have cake-cups!! We are looking forward to Sunday- Luke's big day!!