Wednesday, July 04, 2007

All sparkled out...

Well, today we were going to spend part of the day with Nana and part of the day with Uncle Scott and Aunt Jenny.

However, Luke decided to wake up with a worse eye infection, snotty nose and general crankiness. So, we ended up just doing lunch w/Nana, taking naps and then eating catfish for dinner. Then, it was time to come home and go night night.

Luke's tuckered out, Mommy is tuckered out from hearing, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" all day long. Luke kept asking where Poppa was and we kept telling him, "Remember he flew on an airplane to Amsterdam". He didn't quite get it. He'd say, "Ok" then turn right about and say:" Have you seen Poppa?" So, Poppa if you're reading this blog Lukey misses you something awful.

The weather here was nicer than I've ever seen July in TX. It didn't rain finally and was cool for this time of year. Too bad Lukey wasn't feeling better so we could have done some 4th of July stuff. I wasn't really into doing the whole big crowds/fireworks thing anyway.

So, it's early to bed for us. Jason is playing poker tonight and I'm about to go examine the inside of my eyelids. Happy 4th of July everyone. I still cannot believe it's already July. Luke's going to be 3 years old on the 22nd. It seems just like yest. that I was pregnant. Wierd how I'm 100 lbs. lighter than I was this time 3 years ago. Never thought I'd say that.

Later taters...Be safe with your sparklers!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that the little
Winkerbean is not feeling so good. He needs some TLC from Grandee.

Anonymous said...

Heather, One thing we tell Morgan and Garrett when their Daddy leaves is that he is flying on the airplane. They seem to understand the concept of flying. It also helps to take Garrett and Morgan to the airport when we take and pick him up.
Sorry to hear Luke isn't feeling so great.


Heather said...

Oh yeah, we told him the whole Poppa's on an airplane..