Saturday, July 21, 2007


I titled today's blog, "Anticipation" for two reasons. One, because Luke has been looking so forward to his "dirthday" party tomorrow. He's literally told me 3 times tonight that his party is going to be "pun" (fun). He keeps talking about cupcakes and playing in the water at the park. He also told me that his penis is a "body part" and that he "can't eat his penis or take it off because it will hurt you".

The other reason I titled this blog anticipation is because 3 years ago tonight I spent the night in the hospital anticipating a c-section at noon July 22, 2004. I still remember it like it was yesterday. They gave me a sleeping pill, so that I could get good rest and I still couldn't sleep. Why? Because I was anticipating the arrival of my sweet baby boy Luke Elijah.

So much has happened in the 3 years since his arrival. I could never have imagined how much excitement and joy this little boy could bring to my life. He's my everything. I live every day awaiting what new and exciting thing is going to happen with him. Every day is a new miracle that God blesses me with. I won't senti-mentate (my own word) too much today...will save it for the birthday blog tomorrow.

See ya'll at the big DIRTHday party tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Luke.
I hope he has a great day at his dirthday party.


Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

Happy Dirthday to Luke! I'm sure the party will be great!

To do the picture editing, you have to use Flickr Toys....

I think there are other sites that do the same thing - just search google for flickr toys :) Can't wait to see your creations!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday to cuzin Lukey!! I can't wait to come to your party today and have cake-cups!!

Amber said...

I'm surprised we haven't seen a blog about the BIG Dirthday Party today.....It was fun!!1