Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Chalk....Storms...Streaker....Talking to ants...Potty Training

There's a streaker on the loose in our neighborhood...

And the thunder rolls, AGAIN!

It's gonna rain I can feel it...

Pretty self explanatory!

Cute lil buns!

Talking to ant's...Luke said, "Hi bugs!"

Ice cream cone shaped chalk...ain't it good! As Luke says: "Nummy Nummy". But it sure doesn't taste like lime. Ick!

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Anonymous said...

I know this sounds so gross and unsanitary.
But, when I was at my mom's house...way out in the country...they were swimming in the pool and Garrett was naked. He stood up like he had to...ya know..#1.
My mother ran too him and they ran behind a tree. ;) I swear from that point on he never pee pee'd in his diaper again.
Granted he would ask to go outside to pee...but I would then say...no baby it's muddy outside, or it's too hot or it's going to rain...let's use the potty in the bathroom today like Mommy and Daddy does.
It worked!!! #2 is a different story...for another day.
Morgan is 3 and she still has accidents...don't worry to much about it. I remember that it just clicked with both of mine one day and it was just all down hill from there. ;)