Saturday, November 05, 2005

One down...two to go! first craft show of the season has come to a close. I'm tired too! Something about sitting/standing around in one place for 16 hrs. that starts to get to ya.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and those who purchased. It was great to see Julie, Lori, Misha, Harvey, Jan, Lauren, Pat, Sharon, Camden, Amber, Beau & Joni. I appreciate your support and well wishes.

Now... for the results of all the purse-making efforts. I sold 7 purses for a grand total of $330. I had made 45 purse to take and sold 7. I'm not complaining because I still have 2 more upcoming shows. I got some new ideas for the next show and I met some new friends-- Carla, Terri, Robin, Jan & Amy. All in all, it was a success in my book. Any craft show you do that you make enough to cover your entry fee is worth it.

I look forward to selling the rest at my upcoming shows. They'll be fun too. Well....I'm signing off to hit the hay. Oh, I almost forgot. Our house got shown 3 times this weekend. Hallelujah! Come on people, put a contract on it!

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Amber said...

Go Faith Creations! Go Grassy Creek Home!