Monday, November 12, 2007

Thanksgiving Finger Feast

No I don't have on tons of blush, for some reason this photog just makes my cheeks look really rosey...Must be cuz I ate all my bread crusts Mom.

Luke's placemat

The 3 Amigos....Shep, Luke & Hudson

Luke's bestest buddy, Sheppie

Luke and his teacher Mrs. Peggi

Hudson and "MaMa" Pam....his Godmother

Luke and "Uncle" Cody

The Ross and Bailey family

Luke and his pumpkin he made

Luke and Mrs. Kelley

I'm almost positive that indians wore shorts back then, right?

The whole singing crew

Ya'll I had the pleasure of seeing my son "perform" on stage for the first time EVER. It was priceless. His school put's on an annual Thanksgiving "Finger Feast". They call it that because everyone brings "cubed meat", "cubed cheese" and all thing's "mini" for others to partake of.

The long banquet tables are decorated by the teachers of the classes and each child makes a craft for their parents. Luke's was a pumpkin made out of material, paper and fiberfill. He was dressed like an indian. Some kids were pilgrims some were indians.

He also had a handmade laminated placemat with his picture in it, from when they had the pumpkin patch at the school a few weeks back. It was SO adorable. I hope you enjoy the photos. I just love this creative boy.

Before I ever had a child, I thought about the fact that when/if I ever did mine would be the one grabbing his crotch or picking his nose during any type of school singing performance. Well...he didn't pull a Michael Jackson and do any crotch-grabbing but he did do this.

Song Leader: Ok kids, quiet and look at me!

Pitch silence and you could have heard a needle drop.

Luke: HI MOMMY! (big wave)

Me: HI BABY!!!!!!!

Immediate crowd seated around me: HEARTY LAUGHS!

We were in our own "moment". I love being a mom.

P.S. Somebody could have let me in on the "memo" that said we were supposed to dress our kids in jeans or pants today for the performance. Like a big nerd, my kid is the only one with shorts on. Ok peeps, it WAS 80F out today and I was thinking of my child's well-being not his performance attire. At least he wasn't like the little girl on stage, who had her hands down the back of her panties and was picking her hiney. Oh yeah, that'll be good bribery material for her future boyfriends. I know lots of people got it on video.



Anonymous said...

These are awesome moments. I'm so glad that Luke didn't pick his nose or grab his crotch. You should be so proud!!!
I think that Luke was more like a real Indian than the others. Indians wore those little loin clothes. Shorts are a little bit closer than pants to that!!! :)
Thanks for sharing!!


Amber said...

Girl- if I was thinking you should have taken our video camera!! I can not wait until next year to see Beau! Luke was the cutest one there! (of course- he's my nephew)!!! Tears came to my eyes when you told how Luke waved and said Hi Mama! I just puddled up!!! He is such a sweet boy!

3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

You have one cute Indian! Was anyone dressed like the turkey?

Jenster said...

Wonderful!!! I miss those priceless school moments with my kiddos. That's probably why I'm enjoying working at the preschool.

Aimee said...

That looks like a cute program Heather! Love the pumpkin Luke made, too!