Friday, November 02, 2007

42 down, 181 to go....

Today's craft show was a big success for me. I sold 42 domino pendant/necklaces. Tomorrow, I have ONLY 181 left to sell...

We had good traffic, but not near what we usually get on a Friday (at this specific show). So, I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I'm praying to do as good if not better. I have a personal goal to meet. Will let you know tomorrow if I attained it.

Thanks Amber and Peggy for helping "man" my table and for modeling the creations.

Quick funny story, I sold 3 necklaces right off my neck. I put one pendant on a chain, then someone said, 'Oh, I love the one you're wearing'....I said, 'here it's your's"....Then I replenished TWICE because the same thing happened again. I'm quite the model, if I do say so myself (no I'm not bragging).

Here's to tomorrow (tipping my styrofoam cup of Tropical Tea).


P.S. I miss Winky already. He spent the night with GranDee
P.P.S. I'm sorry to all the people that have left me vm's. over the last week. Tammy (Panera Invitation) Cami (Matthews Strep Throat).....I've been eating, sleeping and breathing domino necklaces this past week. Will you still keep me as your friend? I hope so.


Jenster said...

Congratulations on your sell! I'll be back later in the week to purchase your wares. :O)

Aimee said...

Congrats on all the response! You're so creative!!!!