Thursday, November 15, 2007


Ok, it's official....from this point forward thru Dec 31, I will be declining any/all invitations sent my way. How does this affect ME, you may ask??? Well... if YOU are hosting a:

Southern Living At Home Party
Pampered Chef Party
Beauticontrol Party
Mary Kay Party
Arbonne Party
Melaleuca Party
MonaAvi Party
Home Interiors Party
Birthday Party
CAbi Clothes Party
The Body Shop At Home Party
Tupperware Party
In Home Craft Fair
Tastefully Simple Party
Partylite Candle Party
Chicks & Chocolate Party
Passion Party
Holiday Cookie Exchange
Pre-Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner get-together
Post-Thankgiving Turkey Dinner get-together (you know the one's where everyone gets together to combine leftovers to "create" a "deliciously-edible" smorgasboard of delicacies that have already been consumed for 4 days in a row. Even if you think you can put an exciting "new" twist on grandma's giblet stuffing.....)
Baby Shower
Silpada Designs Jewelry Party
Christmas Party

PLEASE DON'T INVITE ME! I WILL DECLINE, PLAIN & SIMPLE. Don't test me either! My calender is currently booked thru year end. Thankyou for adherence. A zero tolerance policy is currently in effect until further notice.



Anonymous said...

Oh goodie goodie, you left one off. So, I will be sure to send you an invite for that!! He He!! Just kidding.
Have a Happy Turkey day


Jim & Jami said...

Thank goodness my birthday is in January.....I might be offended.....ha-ha-ha

Matt & Cindy Fleharty said...

Would you like to participate in my anti-party party? The way it works is: you stay home with no makeup on and watch TV for at least 2 hours on Monday, December 10th. If enough of us do it- it will be a rockin party.