Sunday, November 04, 2007

I cannot believe he said this...yah I can!

So, Jason and Luke and I were walking down the aisle at Wal-Mart tonight. There was a mom with 2 toddlers. She was trying to get the older one of the two to pick up his blanket off the floor and get in the cart. The smaller of the two she was trying to corral into the Wiggles Shopping Cart. He was screaming and throwing a tantrum like every mother has experienced at one time or another. When we passed I said, "You're not alone"...she grinned and said thanks to me.

We kept walking. Just as Jason pushed the cart past them Luke says AND I QUOTE, "Dat Boy needs a spankin". Jason and I did everything we could to not bust a lung. As we continued down the other aisles we happened upon a very unhappy infant that was wailing at the top of his lungs in the cart. Yep, you guessed it Luke chimes in again. This time he said, "SHHHHHHH, hush". I wonder where he learns this stuff.

The craft fair went awesome. I'm $144 dollars from my goal. I have another craft show on Tues/Wed. of this week. I'll let ya'll know if I meet my goal and what my goal was at that time.

Hope all is well. I'm really pooped out from the weekend show.

Oh, my sister in law cut off all her hair Fri. She now has Posh Spice's haircut and it looks adorable on her. Now that I've mentioned it on here, HOPEFULLY it will sufficiently apply enough pressure on her to post some "hair pic's" on HER BLOG....Whadya think?

Well...I'm tired so I'll be logging off now.



Blueeyes said...

Silly Woman, WHY would I be mad at you???!!! If I was mad, I would have already told you I was mad and why I was mad.
I knew you had the craft show over the weekend....I kinda figured you were swimming with dominos so I thought you would call me when you got the chance.

Amber said...

You can leave me alone now- I have posted pictures of my doo.....

Brooke said...

Update this crappin blog!

Amber said...

Okay- so I'm waiting to here how well you have done yesterday and today at the craft fair....Don't leave us hangin'!!!

Amber said...

I meant "HEAR" not here!!!!