Friday, October 05, 2007

Yeah it's Friday..

Which means tomorrow it's Sat. Our big TX/OU party at our house. We're having lots of friends over, we've rented a margarita machine. It'll be a fun time. Hook Em' Horns! I just have to get the last minute cleaning items done.

In other news...I touched base with an old friend yest. She is on the kidney transplant list in Houston so if you'll remember her in your prayers. She's been through more than any human being I know. This will be her 3rd transplant, as the previous donor's organs failed. We're excited to see her in a few weeks.

Last night we (Sun. School girls) had our girl's night out at Petra Essence of Mexico restaurant...New place in McKinney with authentic Mexican food. I know the owners, it's just awesome. Their chorizo-queso ROCKS!

Not too much else going on...oh, yes there is. Heather and Amber are both under the weather. Sore throats, achy, fever's and all. Please pray for them too. And I have a friend that had lapband surgery on Wed., she's in pain right now which is to be expeced, but pray for her healing and adjustment to her new "lifestyle"-I speak from experience it is a totally new way of thinking and living post-op.

That's about it for now...time to start the day. I have to run to IKEA to get some new curtain rods to replace the one's Luke ripped down, when he pulled the curtains down.

Later taters.

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Blueeyes said...

Two Things:
1. I thought I was suppose to be invited to the Girl's Night Out...Am I not Loved Anymore in the Rice Household?
2. Did my Invitation get lost for the TX/OU Game? Just b/c I am not from TX does not mean I like OU...OU sucks! BUT LSU is so much better than TX! ;) I guess my invitation got lost with the other invite for Girl's Night. I am not Loved Anymore! ;) (As I put my hand over my forehead, trying to be so dramatic with all my Southern Charm!)