Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Crazy whirlwind...No warranty

The last couple of days have been crazy. I've been recruited for the Christmas play at church. Which I'm totally excited about, it's going to be a hoot. 50's diner theme, a complete ensemble of hilarioty. I'm not looking fwd. to all the practices, but it'll be well worth it in the end.

On to the torrential downpour we had Sun. night which produced 5 inches of rain (per father-in-laws rain gauge) and a wicked lightening storm that woke both Hubby and I up. Luke slept through the whole "event"...don't ask me how!

On to Monday....when my Expedition decided it was going to go on "sick leave". It's driveable, check engine light and all, but only when necessary. So, it should be interesting to see how long we can all share Hubby's mustang convertible....When we round up the dinero necessary to fix it, we'll fix it. No warranty left...isn't that Murphy's Law. That Murphy will get you every time. In the meantime, I'm praying that God will provide as only HE can do. I do have my craft show coming up in 2 wks., which I'm hoping will sell all of my fabulous necklaces that I've handmade. Can't wait to see how God comes through on this one. I feel like I'm being a good steward of the talents He's blessed me with. So, may ALL the glory go to HIM and HIM ALONE. I can already see him answering my prayers. He's always faithful.

On to the toilet.....not quite the "flushing" success I was hoping for. It overflowed into the bathroom floor yesterday after I flushed it. But I'm choosing to look at the positive side and say, "Hey it could've been 2 inches of water"...instead only 1 inch.....Whew (wiping brow). Plus, God has blessed us with an overabundance of bath towels that quickly did their job. I almost felt sorry for them, thinking about how well they've held up for us over the last 10 years....and what do we do, just toss em' on the floor....we're such mean towel owners. They even told me so....I heard them whispering as they were all heaped together on the floor, saying things like....10 years of loyal toweling off we've provided.... our lush fibers cushioning their skin and calming "out of the shower chills"....and THIS is the thanks we get. One of them even devised a plan to "fray"out at the seams, a little more then it already had. If they're not nice I might just replace them soon. Which brings me to this question. How long do you expect a nice set of towels to last you? These have definitely had 9 lives....By the way Peeps, I DO have new towels...but I wasn't going to toss them down in the pee pee.....ya dig!

Finally, my friend Allie at Baylor is still hanging on...I had a great conversation with her yesterday. It seems like her spirits were lifted a bit. Please continue to pray for wisdom for the Doctors to figure out why 5 ft. of her bowels have a white fiberous substance on them. So far, they haven't been able to figure it out. She's in a lot of pain though.

Speaking of Dr.'s., I found out some less than stellar information about a "certain" Dr. (not naming names here due to pending litigation) but basically, I can say is that his license has been revoked at a "certain" hospital due to operating under the influence of cocaine. I may not/MAY be talking about my Dr. (most likely the latter). I cannot reveal any sources, but let's just say it adds a lot more credence to my already valid lawsuit. Crazy huh! Guess it gives a little glimpse into why he jacked me up so badly, and others. I've never been a "sue-happy" person, by any means. Now, I consider myself the voice for all those who he's harmed, that may not be around anymore to have a voice. My mission continues for them....and to pay the $500K+ worth of medical bills I've accrued. Being hospitalized for 2 months and having 9 surgeries can run into some serious dough. I'm very thankful to have my life. God isn't finished with me yet.

I close with this: God is good all the time, all the time God is good! Have blessed day friends.



Holly said...

Jackson flooded the bathroom a week or so ago because of putting too much TP in there. That was the first time in my life that i'd witnessed it overflowing! It always went just below the top before...

Lynn-Ashton and John's mom said...

I would love to see some of your necklaces! I make bracelets and earrings in ALL of my spare time! :)