Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Confessions of a Panera "addict"...

As I sit blogging tonight my taste buds are craving a cinnamon crunch bagel with hazelnut cream cheese. I want one RIGHT NOW!

Guess I'll have to wait until I drop Luke off at school tomorrow before I can partake of my "guiltly pleasure".

Another confession...is it wrong to drop your kid off in the play-land at IKEA while you eat breakfast in their cafe'? That's exactly what I did last week. Luke LOVED playing in the "balls"....I heard him say, "Ready guys" before he jumped in to the ball "pool".

Another random thing...this morning I realized Luke had gone to bed with his car that "talks"....How do I know you might ask??? Well...at 7am on the monitor I heard, "Burn Rubber Boys" emanating from the car.

One more thing I've been wondering about and it's about as random as it gets. But...if you have a dog that's blind do you get em' a seeing-eye person?

I went to a CAbi (Carol Anderson By Invitation) clothes party tonight at my friend Jennifer's house. It was so fun. We got to try on lots of outfits. Now if I can just talk my hubby into letting me pay $88 for a shirt....I might have to Ebay my kidney or something....it would be worth though, don't you think?

We've officially got about 5 pumpkins living in Rice-A-Roni-Ville....I'll have to take the pic's tomorrow to post. Luke LOVES pumpkins. Love's not the word. Obsession might be a more accurate description. He even sleeps with the plastic one GranDee bought him this weekend. I couldn't figure out why he had these orange spots on his cheek and inner arm. I figured it out...pumpkin paint had rubbed off.

Auntie--You feeling any better?
Tammy--Started that book yet?
Trina-Pearson should be getting a special little gift from Luke by week's end. Mailed it today.

Ah...that's about it for now...gotta go read the latest book I'm into titled, "Running With Sissors"...you might have seen the movie....Very interesting to say the least.

Later friends.


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Anonymous said...

You sound obssesed about the bagel. And Luke sounds obessesed about pumpkins. Just boxed and shipped packages. You will get them soon!!! Yippee Skippee!!

love ya