Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tea-making, brownie-making, orange-peeling, sippy-cup washing...Enough hypens for ya?

Here are a few things I've been pondering this morning...

Tea-making: Am I the only one out there that uses my coffee pot EXCLUSIVELY for making tea, not coffee?

Brownie-making: Does anyone pull out their big mixer just to whip up a box of brownies? I'm thinking my "fork-stirring" works just fine.

Orange-peeling: I love oranges, hate to peel them. I remember as a child my mom would put oranges in my sack lunch (had to switch to sacks because I left HER favorite Tupperware lunchbox at school--the last day of 5th grade) I think subconsiciously I did it on purpose because I hated to carry it. It was red plastic and everyone else's Strawberry Shortcake, Holly Hobby, Miss Piggy, Care Bear & My Little Pony lunchboxes were so much cuter than mine. Anyway...I digressed. Mom use to put a little "knife starting mark" on my oranges making it easier for me to peel. Well..just today I had this idea to cut my orange in quarters THEN peel. It worked great. Think about all that vitamin C I missed out on all those years as I boycotted peeling oranges. Maybe everyone else has been doing this for years. Sometimes, I'm a little slow on the uptake.

And finally....
Sippy Cup- washing: Tired of all those loose rubber sippy cup valves in your "cup washing basket"??? You know the one's regulate liquid flow to the sippy cup lid. Well...if you turn them over and slip the valve out of the "sockets" they fit snugly in between the two valve openings on the back of the lid. It makes it so much easier to wash. Evidently, it was designed to house the valve while dishwashing....Far be it from me to read the directions prior to using a sippy cup. I mean come on, how hard? Well...evidently it IS harder than I thought. It ONLY took me 3+ years to figure this one out. Don't be a loser mom like me. Read the directions. Thank you to my friend Jen K. for filling me in on this important fact. I was like, "that is so cool that you thought of that" she said, "Well...I just read it on the directions"...Duh!

I'm a dork, what can I say.



Kirtus and Dana said...

Heather, at my school you would have been cool to have a tupperware red lunch box. Everyone at Montclair had one. I always felt left out because I had a bag lunch. But, least I didn't have strawberry shortcake or Hello Kitty. Brownies? I don't make them. Call me crazy...but I hate brownies. YUCK!
Sippy cups? Ummm...tossed them in the trash..NO MORE EAR INFECTIONS. Morgan has been off the sippy since right before she turned 3.
Oranges...I peel them by hand. Love them...I just stick my thumb in and peel them...not too hard. (Well the oranges that have really thin skin are hard to peel) Man your mom was super nice to go ahead and start the peel for you! I was lucky to get the crusts taken off my peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Ahhh...those were the days.

Amber said...

Oh my word- you are killing me with your blogs! First of all- I brew my tea in the mircrowave, I mix my brownies with a spatula in a mixing bowl, I have a "Pampered Chef" orange peeler that works great, and I learned something new about sippy cups!! I did not know that about the sippy cups- I guess you learn something new everyday. I've learned a lot today- several new vocabulary words and a sippy cup trick!! Thanks Heather for your information!!!!

Brooke said...

Maybe Lukey gets ear infections from his sippy cups?