Saturday, October 13, 2007

I knew it would not be in vain....

Seems that all I went through with all my surgery complications was not in vain.

I've made a new friend in the same boat as I was, only a whole different set of circumstances. She currently resides at Baylor University Medical Center on day 70 since her gastric bypass on April 23. She did NOT have my Dr. perform her procedure (THANK GOODNESS) However, she's in a fight for her life, with some less than stellar news rec'd today.

If you could please lift "Allie" up in your prayers. I know she would appreciate it greatly.



Tim Perkins said...

Will certainly pray for Allie.

Kind of makes one wonder about the risks of gastric bypass. So glad you are where you are today, with God's help.

Lynn-Ashton and John's mom said...

As a new blog reader, I have to ask...when did you have your surgery? My cousin had it about 4 years ago and lost over 200 pounds. It was absolutely the best thing that she ever did.

Heather said...

Thanks Tim. I know she'll appreciate it.