Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Refunds, curtains, scraped knees, John Deere.

Today was spent getting a refund at IKEA for some merchandise for the house that I decided not to use. While there, I bought the living room curtains and rods. Would you believe in the "As Is" section I found 5 curtain rods w/finials for $.99 a piece. Yeah, you read it right. I got them hung and they look great.

Tonight, we went over to eat at Nana and Poppa's house. The minute we turned down their street Luke said, "Boppa, My Boppa". It was so cute. He loves to go in their back yard and go up and down their steps leading to the yard. He commandeered himself pretty well until he got unstable on an uneven flagstone and went tumbling down the step. Scraped knees and all. Mommy kissed the boo boo and made it all better. Poppa was putting out fire ant killer on his John Deere. Usually Luke likes to hop on and ride with him. Today, the minute he saw Poppa and the John Deere he busted out crying and ran to me. He would have nothing to do with it. We even carried him over and put him on Poppa's lap to ride. He screamed bloody murder. Guess, we'll have to try again some other time.

At dinner Luke did good eating his steak fingers, green beans and 2 cookies. Oh, by the way today marks a milestone in Luke's feeding's. He turned his spoon the right way instead of upside down while eating his yogurt snack this afternoon. Now...he'll probably get more food into his mouth. All is well at our place.

Daddy helped Uncle Jeff with some landscaping tonight. The weather has been great the past few days. We might be getting rain tonight or tomorrow night though. Hope there's not severe thunderstorms or anything.

May God Bless you and yours as much as we've been blessed.



Grandma Sally said...

I love reading your blog. Luke is getting cuter and cuter. I will send you an email re: an Easter Egg Hunt that Luke might want to come to. And besides, I want to see him in person. I love the new house, everything looks great. Keep those blogs coming.

Heather said...

Sally--Let me know when/where on the easter egg hunt. Sounds like fun.

Jason Rice said...

Forgot to tell you last night Heather. When you passed me on the road with the window down, Luke goes, "Momma Momma".