Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ok...this is SO cute!!!

Tonight Luke and I were looking at his favorite Sesame Street book (like we do every night). I was pointing at different objects and he was telling me what they were: ball, shoe, sock, dog (wuff wuff he said) Bert, Ernie and then the clencher. I said, "Where's the Count?" He pointed at him on the page and said, "AH, AH, AH, AH!" Just like we always do when we say, "Here's the Count-Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah!" It was so precious to hear him say it though. Then this morning while he was eating his banana and pears he had his little die cast John Deere tractor that Aunt Brooke gave him. He looked at it, held it up to me and said, "Poppa's car". He calls the tractor a car and he knows that Poppa drives one in his yard. Our boy is a smartie pants. He's also getting really good at giving kisses. Although it's a bit of a gamble what type of kiss you will get: the open mouth kiss, the slobber on my lips kiss, the bang into your face kiss, the bite you with my teeth kiss. He's a real ladies man, let me tell ya.

His tubes and urologic surgery are set for May 1. I'm praying for quick recovery, especially from the urologic one.

Rabbit trail: Ok, don't think I'm a complete freak, I was just VERY sleep deprived last night because our stupid baby monitor on my side of the bed kept "clicking" any time I moved my legs. It drove me nuts, but I just couldn't turn it off. So, I prayed for a little while and thought about things and then this random thought popped into my head. Ok, not so random since I was had been thinking about Luke's urological surgery. You ready....Wouldn't it be funny if Aretha Franklin's name was Urethra Franklin and her top hit was, "We're Going Riding on the PeeWay".

Off to bed....can you tell I need some sleep. Benadryl...take me away!!!!


Amber said...

CRAZY thoughts, girl! That is so funny. You definitely have an imagination.

Brooke said...

My sweet boy sure is smart! I love him and need to get back to TX soon to get me a wet, sloppy kiss!