Thursday, April 06, 2006

From Boppa to birdseed....

Let me brag on my incredibly intelligent son for a minute. Today we went to Home Depot to buy some birdseed for Luke's bird feeder he made on Sat. with Daddy. We pulled into the parking lot and into the parking space. Immediately Luke started saying, "Boppa, Boppa, Boppa" (Poppa). I looked around trying to find what it could be that would remind him of Poppa. That's when I noticed that we pulled in to a parking space right next to a Tahoe exactly the same color as Poppa's. I am amazed at how detailed he is and that he remembered Poppa's Tahoe. My sweet boy never ceases to amaze me. We did get birdseed for how bird feeder while in Home Depot. He helped me put it in the feeder. It's now out on the bbq grill on the patio. We're going to check for birdies in the morning. Also, Luke can now identify the apple in his Sesame Street book. I point at it and say, "What is that?" He says, "App-bum". That's his little word for apple. Too cute! Also, he's kissing everybody. He puckers his lips and gives everyone sugars. It's so cute the way he pouts his little lips and presses them against yours. He even made some "air kisses" tonight and said for me to send them to Aunt Brooke and Uncle Michael. I love being Luke's mommy. I cannot think of a better blessing in this entire world. I am also so thankful the Lord blessed me with a husband who can support us on his salary alone,so I can stay home with winkerbean. I savor every moment with my son. Even during trying time's I look for the positive like the learning experience I had in Kirkland's today. He broke loose from holding my hand and ran off. I chased, caught, spanked and brought him back to the cash register where I was. I said, "Sit on your bottom, right there". He listened to me and sat until I got him up to leave. So, note to self. When he disobeys in a store make him sit at my feet until I say get up. Hey, it worked. I also was pondering the whole discipline thing. I remember being young when mom would say, "Spanking me hurts me more than it hurts you." I always thought yeah right, whatever! I have to say now being a parent how much I understand that statement. I believe that when you love a child you discipline a child so that he heeds correction and learns from his mistakes. However, when you say to him, "Luke if you do that one more time you're getting a spanking" and he does it ONE MORE TIME you have to follow through. I just hate the fact that he has to do it one more time, forcing my hand upon his bottom. I so wish he'd just stop without me having to discipline him. I'm reminded though that if you discipline (sometimes harshly) and are consistent with your discipline when your kids get a little older they will respect your authority and listen to instruction. Maybe not all the time, but hopefully the majority of it and your words and discipline will not be in vain. But darn I really hate having to spank. Not like Luke gets spanked a lot. Just any kind of spanking hurts me more than him. Literally! I guess you WERE RIGHT mom!

I love being a mom and all the rewards that brings. Just staring into Luke's pretty blue little eyes and seeing that innocence he radiates. Thank you Lord for blessing me so.


Blueeyes said...

I am truly blessed to have Great Christian Mom's like you in My Life. It teaches me to have count all my blessings now as a single Person, and to look forward to motherhood. It's a great joy in my life to read and watch Luke grow up! Thanks for sharing your life with me! Love ya!

Brooke said...

My nephew is so smart. What a blessing he has been to our family. He doesn't even know how much he has blessed us.
I miss him so much. Love you Lukey!