Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Say Cheese.....

Nothing new...just thought I'd post a cute picture that Daddy took of Lukey tonight. He was playing around on the blow up bed which has been sitting in our living room since the playoff game the other night when Auntie & Uncle were over. It's such a comfortable place to watch t.v. from.

Check out Luke's new little hawaiian shirt.... Lukey rec'd a cool little care package from Aunt Brooke. It was pretend food for Lukey's play kitchen. So in addition to his other menu items he add's KFC chicken and Dairy Queen icecream cone's. So cute. He especially liked his new Elmo coloring book. He thought that was just fabulous. Thanks Aunt Brooke. Can't wait to see you and Uncle Michael in a few weeks.

Night night!!!

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Beth said...

I used to have those same Raggedy Ann & Andy sheets!