Monday, June 26, 2006

Precious words....

Okay, I have to tell you about something Luke did that was just precious yesterday. We were sitting here folding clothes (mom and I) and Luke was crawling all around the bed in the pile of clothes we were folding. We were trying to teach Luke to say, "I love Jesus". We've been working on this for a week or so now. So, I said to mom...."Grandee can you say, I?"....she said, "I"...."Can you say love?"....she said, "love"......"Can you say Jesus?"...she said, "Jesus". Then out of nowhere Luke said, "Amen!" It was the funniest thing. We laughed and laughed. He is putting together that when we pray and say the word Jesus, amen isn't too far behind.

He does well saying his nightly prayers and prayers before all meals. He folds his hands and prays along with us and to top it off he "AMENS". So cute. I am so proud that he's learning the importance of prayer at such a young age.

Then...tonight we were at buddies (Hud & Shep's) house. Hudson and his mommy were praying for a little boy that they met at Chuck E. Cheese who didn't have very good manners. I too folded my hands and bowed my head to pray with them. I look over on the couch. Luke has crawled up beside me and also put his hands together to pray. Heather was just about done with the prayer when Luke belts out, "Amen!" She and I almost busted out laughing.

Today also marked the first day of our Fiesta-themed VBS. Heather and I had a blast teaching crafts. She and I were pretty crazy with our sombrero's on and maracas. We sang and formed a congo line around the classroom. The kids probably thought we were muy loco, but hey we had fun. Today's craft was decorating a little draw string bag to store our daily plastic "bible buddy figurine's" in. Every day we get a new bible buddy to add to the collection.

Luke did so awesome in the nursery for 3 hours during VBS. He and Shep are inseparable. It's so sweet to watch the two of them play together. JJ (Heather's mom) worked the nursery that Shep and Luke were in. She said they are such good playmates. Sheppie cracks me up though, when that boy gets tired he can lay down with his "gankie" (blankie) and sleep anywhere as evidenced by the fact that after VBS was over and we went to pick up the boys....Sheppie was asleep UNDER the table...all wrapped up with his gankie. It was just precious.

Well...that's about all the news for tonight. Sis, sorry I forgot to call you back today.

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Okay- tell Mr. Sleepy Head Luke that during VBS he can't sleep until noon. If only every child would sleep that late!!! You are so lucky, but yet (during VBS) not so lucky. I would take the sleeping in, though. Are you confused yet???