Friday, June 16, 2006 nazi's.....You know who you are!

Ok, ok can a girl get a break. If you were barfing your brains out for 2 days you wouldn't feel up to blogging either. Hence, my delay in blogging. Seems that from approx 4:30pm on Wed-Thurs 6:30pm I caught some type of bug. Maybe it was the one Luke had last week. Tammy it was almost as bad as the peanut butter except I had a bucket....Nice graphic I know....
So, here's what's been happening. Today we went and got our Expedition tires rotated, oil changed and new battery installed. Nice man bought Luke chocolate milk and donut holes at the dealership because he could tell he was having a meltdown because mommy forgot the diaper bag AND SIPPY CUP at home with the "Boppum Jews" (apple juice) in it. Then we went to do a little father's day shopping. Let's just say Jason is going to be very surprised by this little father's day gift. Tonight we celebrated Poppa's 58th birthday with a little family dinner at Auntie and Uncle's house. It was a quaint little occasion that finished out with Auntie giving me a full pedicure. So nice, if she ever get's tired of cleaning teeth she could be a pedicurologist.....(is there such a thing.) Just so everyone knows I am feeling much better today, although imodium AD has been my friend today. Good to see S.C. today. Get that house finished so you can move in next to my fav little felon (just kidding).

I hope everyone has a great weekend. If you don't have a father here on earth to celebrate with thank God for the one you did have. I'm proud to be my daddy's daughter. He would be so proud of me if he was here. I know for sure that he'd have loved having a grandson and Luke could have learned a lot from him. I miss you Daddy, but know that you are in Jesus' loving arms. Happy Father's Day. I pray for my dear friend Heather and her mom Jerri. This is their first Father's Day without Charles. Dad, keep ole' Chuckie busy up there on Sun. We love you guys and miss you greatly.

To my father in law Gary, I wish you the very best father's day too. You are a great Grand Father to Lukey. He loves you very much. Which is probably why he says, "Poppa" one hundred million times a day. If I had a dollar..... And to Uncle Jeff I hope that you have a great father's day too. Please keep those heels filed down though (wink). I almost mistook you for a John Deere-a-saurus.....

To my wonderful husband Jason, father to Luke. You are the best father a person could ask for. I've seen you grow so much as a daddy over the last 2 years. It's so precious to watch you two interact. I couldn't think of a better person to be Lukey's daddy. He loves you so much, as do I. Happy Father's Day baby.

To my sweet brother in law Michael. This counts as your official first father's day in my book. If my sister is pregnant, that makes her a mom which pretty much makes you a shoe in as a father. I know that you are going to have great times fishing and playing drums with baby Stone when HE get's here.

To my sweet mom, who many times had to be both mother AND FATHER. Thank you for your sacrificial heart and sweet spirit that blessed me so many times throughout my life. You are such a great parent. You taught me right from wrong and right from left. I cherish having you in my life. I love you.

I love my entire family....Thank you Jesus for blessing me so.

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Hi Heather - It's Brooke's friend, Cindy. Please send me your email address to: I'd like to talk to you about something! Thanks!!