Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Yummy Goldfish! Today my buddy Sheppie came by to see me. We were chowing down on baby goldfish and fruit puffy's. Can't you tell we're not having ANY fun at all (sarcasm).

And...no we didn't plan on both wearing red it just happened that way. Hey, what can I say... when you have style you've just got it. We had a blast hanging out together. The papparazzi was hounding us though. Gee, it sure is hard to be good-looking lads.

Our mommies had to fend off all the chicks that were wanting our autograph. I love my friend Sheppie. He and I are only 1 week apart in age. We're so lucky to be friends. Please pray for Sheppie's "Pops" (grandpa) he's sick with cancer and MD Anderson Hospital in Houston keeps pushing back his appt. (Next appt. now scheduled for Sept. 7) He really needs to get in there and be evaluated ASAP! Thanks for reading my blog today.


Brooke said...

Those boys are going to friends for life!
They sure are cutie pies!

Amber said...

Such a cute pic of the two!!