Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Good News!!! My friend's dad has stopped hemorrhaging. Testimony to prayer

I have some awesome news to share this evening. My best friend Heather's father Charles who I posted an urgent prayer request about last night, rec'd some positive news today. His body is stricken with cancer and he's fighting for his life. I believe this latest news is a testimony to prayer and how the Lord answers those intercessory prayers. I'm am SO encouraged by the following and continue to stand in faith with the Sherrard and Lee families as we watch what the Lord has in store.

Here is an excerpt from Heather Lee's email to me tonight: As of this weekend, my dad was in ICU and things were going down hill rapidly. His "levels" were out of wack and the bleeding in his stomach and espohogus could not be stopped. In a nut shell, your prayers over the weekend have stopped the extensive bleeding and brought his levels back to normal....there is no other explanation for why it did that other than your prayers and the good Lord above.

That does not mean we are out of the woods though.....Arlington Memorial Hospital verified that his tumors in his stomach and esophagus are cancerous, but they do not have the technology to treat such extensive cancer. So, they are making him go back to MD Anderson to get the diagnosis/treatment that he needs. My dad being the ever optimistic one is now willing to go to MDA because he is a fighter and a believer that God has the perfect plan. Since his levels are good and the tumors appear to have stopped bleeding, my dad has an appointment on Monday in Houston. He will go in daily to the hospital in Arlington to get checked to make sure his levels and bleeding are still in check. Cody and I will be driving my parents to Houston this weekend.

PLEASE continue to pray for her dad. They do not know what diagnosis he will get when he gets to MD Anderson. It may or may not be operable or he could even end up on a feeding tube and in that case, he will have a lot of decisions to make.


Tina said...

This is great news and I am praising God with all of you. I had been very worried about Heather and the family and hesitated to call so was very glad to get her note tonite.

May the Lord continue to watch over and guide this precious family, and also to give Heather health and energy...and be her rock to lean on in this difficult time.

Amber said...

Praise the Lord!

Our Happy Fami-LEE!! said...

I love you, sweet friend. - H1